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Our story and the making of the cart

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Our Story

It all started from an inspiration I saw back in 2014. I was at a family wedding and there was a table over in the corner with some basic bowls of sweets on it. After seeing the amount of interest this got from people of all ages, it got me thinking. I went home that day, did some research and decided I wanted to develop and see what I could do with this idea.  I then called up my Grandpa and told him about my idea, it was then for the next five months him and I designed and hand-built a fully collapsible vintage cart in his garage. Each weekend I would go down and together we would work in his garage for hours designing, drilling, sawing, cutting, painting, screwing and sanding until we had finished our project. From there my Grandma helped me with the aesthetics and finishing touches, including sewing the canopy and help with the colour schemes. This period of time didn't only just help build this kart, but it brought me closer to my Grandparents.

This was the start of Kart Kompany, I began trying to get the brand name out through attending local wedding fairs and using social media. Over time I got more bookings and became more recognised through the local venues. It wasn’t until I entered Young Start-Up Talent with a prize investment when I really believed in my business. I went through the entire journey of the competition and came out the winner at the end. Since then I have taken the business to the next level continuing to grow the brand, now operating multiple carts with different services across the South.